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So Weird Stamping

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s o w e i r d s t a m p i n g ::

Welcome to So Weird Stamping. Ever wonder which So Weird character you are most like? Well, you can stop wondering and find out! Join this community and take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire below. Fellow members will read it over and comment on which character they think that you are most like, and then you'll receive a shiny stamp to show off in your LJ userinfo. It's simple, quick, and fun!

a b o u t ::

First, join the community. Then, read the rules located below. You will need to vote on four other applications before you can be stamped, but you can apply at any time. The application and info about how to post is located below.

r u l e s ::

  1. Make posts friends only. (This will be done automatically, just don't change it back to public!)
  2. You will be stamped once you reach 7 votes and once you have voted on 4 other applications. Hey, it's only fair!
  3. When stamping someone else, please provide a valid reason for why you believe that he or she should be stamped as that character. Also, remember to put the character's name in the subject line of your comment.
  4. There are more male characters than female so there is a possiblity that you might be stamped as the opposite gender -- I have a feeling most won't care, and if you do well I am sorry, but do live with it.

s t a m p s ::

You may also be stamped as: Ned Bell, Irene Bell, Rick Phillips, Rachel Phillips, John Kane, Tad Raxall, or Annie's panther (a.k.a. Conrad). For most characters, there are three stamps to choose from. All stamps and profile codes are located here!

a p p l i c a t i o n ::

To apply for a stamp, copy and paste the text below in a new entry to this community. Answer the questions, then post!

c o n t a c t ::

If you have any questions, contact Tabetha, the mod.

a f f i l i a t e s ::

conradshideout soweird100 soweirdfans

c r e d i t ::

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